Our Office

We're a dentist's office designed for children, and, you know, really cool teens.

So we designed and built an office to serve their needs. Our pediatric dental office in Hamlin is friendly, inviting and comfortable with special equipment built for the little loves in your life.

The flow of our office caters to children with private rooms for private kids and open bays for families that find strength in each other.  

For xrays, we use the latest in digital technology to make it as healthy for your child as possible during these standard procedures. 

Our private operatories are sized just right for your child and offer a comfortable setting that helps to distract apprehensions and improve behavior during each child's visit. We also have the ability to use a comfortable isolation system to increase your child’s comfort.

Want your child to come see the most fun pediatric dental practice in Northeast Pennsylvania? Call 570-253-0358 to make your appointment or schedule online.